Archer Materials has announced they will be working with GlobalFoundries, a leading semiconductor manufacturing foundry. GlobalFoundries will be fabricating Archer’s 12CQ quantum chip technology with a goal of achieving high volume chip fabrication. Archer has been developing their chip technology at the  University of Sydney Research & Prototype Foundry Core Research Facility at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub. The technology is based upon storing qubits via electron spin in a carbon nanosphere based device. Typically, these university facilities are good for initial R&D and development but the high volume semiconductor foundries are much more suitable for high volume, high precision manufacturing. Archer is the fourth quantum company that GlobalFoundries is supporting. The others include PsiQuantum, Equal1, and Xanadu. GlobalFoundries recently received a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Air Force Research (AFRL) Laboratory for building components for PsiQuantum’s photonic quantum computer. It is not clear if any of the equipment or personnel supported by these funds can be used for the Archer program, since Archer’s 12CQ technology is much different than the photonic technology used by PsiQuantum. Additional information about this partnership is available in a news release available on the Archer website here.

September 6, 2022