Atos and IQM commissioned a study of 110 high-performance computing (HPC) centers worldwide to gauge their interest in quantum computing and obtained interesting results. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of these centers indicated they are already experimenting with quantum computing, 76% of the centers indicated they expect to be utilizing quantum computing technologies by 2023, and by 2026, a very surprising 71% of HPC centers indicate they expect to be utilizing a quantum computer with either an on-premise or mixed infrastructure for quantum computing. The remainder of the HPC centers in 2026 still anticipate they will be using a cloud-based approach. Here are some of the key results from the survey.

  • The top four drivers for adopting quantum technology and the percentage of organizations that mention them include:
  1. Search for a long term competitive advantage (48%)
  2. External requests from our custoemrs/users (41%)
  3. Organizations investor directive (39%)
  4. Expanding our knowledge and skills of the technology (39%)
  • The survey also probed what were the key barriers to adopting quantum technology and the top three barriers include:
  1. Regulation/legal/security risks (41%)
  2. Employees’ culture resistance (38%)
  3. Lack of developer skills (33%)
  • The report concludes with a three step approach for HPC centers wish to adopt quantum computing. These include (in order):
  1. Gap analysis and quantum solutions development
  2. Quantum solution design and integration
  3. Quantum use case development and implementation

Additional information about this survey and the results can be found in a news release issued by IQM available here, a web page which summarizes some of the key findings and methodology here, and report with detailed results from the survey that can be seen here.

November 19, 2021