When we reported in December 2022 about the creation of QuantumBasel, a quantum computing hub for commercial use in Switzerland, we noted that D-Wave along with IBM were the two initial hardware manufacturers that would be supporting this effort. Since then, they were joined by IonQ which announced in June that they would be working with QuantumBasel too. In July, D-Wave and QuantumBasel along with VINCI Energies announced they were using D-Wave’s quantum annealer to study how to optimize the design of HVAC systems.

Now, D-Wave has announced that they are extending and expanding their agreement with QuantumBasel. The extension will be for another two years and the expansion will be an agreement for D-Wave to open a European office on the QuantumBasel campus. This will make it easier for D-Wave to support its European customers including such organizations as  Koç Holding, Satispay, Poznan Superconducting and Network Center, and Cineca.

D-Wave has issued a press release announcing this extension to their QuantumBasel agreement which can be seen here.

October 27, 2023