The uptownBasel Group has opened QuantumBasel, a Center of Competence for Quantum and Artificial Intelligence. It will provide organizations with access to quantum computers along with training, workshops, and support for utilizing them. It will provide Quantum as a Service with access to some of the latest quantum processors including the IBM Osprey 433 qubit superconducting processor and the D-Wave AdvantageTM annealing quantum computer which will be accessed via the LeapTM real-time quantum cloud service. The uptownBasel Group is building up a 70,000 square meter research and production site located in Arlesheim near Basel that they intend on becoming an international competence center for the many different advanced technologies of Industry 4.0. It is privately funded by the Monique and Thomas Staehelin family with a goal of eventually housing 50 to 100 companies that employ up to 2,500 people. Additional information about QuantumBasel is available in a press release here along with an associated press release from D-Wave here. The QuantumBasel website is also available with additional information and can be accessed here.

December 10, 2022