As part of an overall declaration between the governments of France and The Netherlands to deepen and strengthen their bilateral relationship in a number of areas, the two countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen bilateral cooperation in quantum technologies. Both countries already have significant efforts ongoing in quantum research, but by joining forces they can make the efforts have an even large impact. The governments had previously budgeted €1.8 billion in France and €615 million in the Netherlands for quantum research. The partnership will also make their European efforts more competitive against the large investments in quantum development being made in both China and the U.S. The agreement was signed in Paris by Cédric O, the French Secretary of State for Digital and Electronic Communications and Mona Keijzer, the Dutch Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. In addition,  In addition four commercial organizations working on quantum technology were present at the signing ceremony including Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML, Dutch quantum start-up Qu & Co, French venture capital company Quantonation and the French IT company Atos. Additional information about the collaborations between the two countries can be found in a press release that you can view here and a news article (in Dutch) printed in the Dutch newspaper Fd that you can see here.

August 31, 2021