In a plan presented today by French President Emmanuel Macron, this investment would cover five years of research and development and come from three sources. The French government would increase its annual quantum funding level from €60M to about €200M to bring their share for the period to €1050M, €200M would come from the European Union and €550M would come from the private sector. The funds would allocate about €780M for quantum computer, €250M for quantum sensors, €150M for Post Quantum Cryptography, €320M for quantum communications, and €300M for related technologies such as cryogenics. This investment would place France amongst the leading countries investing in quantum technologies along with the U.S., China, and Germany. The investment can also be categorized by use with €700M devoted to research, €630M for skills transfer, €390M for entrepreneurship, and €70M for training. The investment is a follow-on from a 68 page proposal created by French parliament member Paula Forteza in January 2020. Additional details can be found in the website of French newspaper Le Monde here and the website here.

January 21, 2021