Are you using a quantum computer for computational chemistry, finance applications, or optimizations? That’s so 2020! Here’s an example of a real avant-garde use of quantum technology that combines Quantum Computers, Quantum Neural Nets (QNN), Blockchains and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). A piece of artwork titled “Everettian vibrations” was created using this technology and this is the first quantum AI based NFT ever made. It was produced by quantum research scientist Guillaume Verdon on a real quantum computer and then put up for sale on in a bidding auction. The final winning price was 5 Etherium, which at the current value of about $2042 per Etherium brings in more than $10,000!

To see more about what this artwork represents, how it was created, and the results of the auction, you can view the offering page for this piece on here.

April 3, 2021