Light Rider has introduced two new products that use Li-Fi networking technology for communications. Li-Fi is like Wi-Fi except that it uses streams of light instead of radio waves as the transport medium. Li-Fi has some potential advantages because the communication cannot go through walls, so a hacker who is not physically present in the room cannot capture the data. It also has roughly 10,000 times the bandwidth of Wi-Fi so it can support many users sending or receiving very high bandwidth transmissions in the same room simultaneously. Although there are some companies in Europe pursuing Li-Fi, Light Rider is the first U.S. company to provide a product in this area.

The quantum part of their technology pertains to Light Rider’s use of quantum random number generator (QRNG) chip technology inside some of their devices. These provide fully random numbers which can be used to generate keys for the Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms built into their firmware. The two devices being announced are the Light Rider LT and the Light Rider Quantum. The different between the two is that the later device includes a built-in QRNG chip. The products are expected to be available in November. You can view Light Rider’s full press release with the product announcement here and also see more details about their technology on their web site here.