Multiverse Computing is a quantum software company based in Spain that tackles complex problems in finance, manufacturing, energy and other sectors with their proprietary quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms within its Singularity SDK. IQM is a European quantum hardware manufacturer that is focused on providing on-premise quantum processors for supercomputing data centers and research labs. As part of its efforts, IQM has engaged in a number of different projects, including a program funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, abbreviated BMBF. to develop application specific quantum processors to provide hardware optimized for specific use cases.

The two companies have entered into partnership to tightly integrate IQM’s co-designed quantum processors with Multiverse’s Singularity SDK. When designing an application specific processor, one needs to have a deep understanding of the application and the specific algorithms that will be needed to provide solutions. IQM will be coordinating this effort through their office in Madrid, Spain to help the further development of the Spanish quantum ecosystem. Additional information about this new partnership is available in a press release located on the IQM website here.

August 19, 2022