We had previously reported in June 2022, that OVHCloud, a leading European cloud provider, was partnering with Quandela to make available to its customers access to Quandela’s photonic quantum computer emulator called Percival. This would allow OVHCloud’s customer to start developing and subsequently emulate quantum programs that could eventually run on a future Quandela photonic quantum computer. OVHCloud has now gone to the next step and purchased a Quandela Mosaic processor so that customers can try out their programs on real hardware. The Mosaic is a modular and upgradeable platform which combines Quandela’s eDelight sources with active demultiplexing from their DMX modules to create an integrated circuits photonic processor that is fully reconfigurable and operates at room temperature. The Mosaic is upgradable and can support anywhere from 2 to 12 photonic qubits.  The initial version being installed at OVHCloud will have 2 qubits, but is upgradable to higher capacities depending upon customer demand. For additional information, you can view a news release from OVHCloud announcing this purchase here.

March 16, 2023