PQShield is a UK based company formed in 2018 that specializes in providing post-quantum cryptography products and services. They have been a leading contributor to the NIST PQC standardization project and other standards efforts and possess significant IP in both hardware and software cryptography. Their agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading IT consulting company, will allow them to support TCS’ clients wishing to migrate to post-quantum cryptography. Since TCS already engages with a great many enterprises worldwide, this agreement should help PQShield enhance the reach for its products and services. eShard is a French firm that analyzes and validates cryptography systems’ resistance against side channel attacks. They will be evaluating PQShield’s technology to ensure that their technology is resistant to such side channel attacks. PQShield has posted a news release announcing these collaborations and it can be accessed here.

May 31, 2023