Q-CTRL’s new offices in Europe will join the existing offices in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California. They will be working on research, strategic technology development,, technical product development, and customer support. The company currently has 90 employees, but having these new offices in Europe will allow the company to tap into the substantial quantum talent base available in Europe. In addition to supporting customers who are using Q-CTRL products for quantum computing applications, the company will also be working with government and commercial customers on software-defined quantum sensor technology for use in navigation, climate monitoring, and mineral location applications. Q-CTRL’s press release announcing the addition of these offices in Europe can be found here.

Q-CTRL Embedded is an advanced quantum control infrastructure package that will be used for integration into a quantum cloud computing platform. Q-CTRL Embedded uses Q-CTRL’s advanced AI-based quantum control algorithms to improve the accuracy of a quantum calculation by as much as 1000X and enable circuit depths to increase by a factor of 10. It is designed to be implement by the quantum cloud providers rather than the end users. By having this provided in an integrated form into the provider’s software stack making it very easy for end users to achieve the resulting improved performance that Q-CTRL Embedded provides. IBM has announced that it will be incorporating the software into their hardware stack and it is expected to be available in the IBM software stack within a few months. Additional technical detail about Q-CTRL Embedded is available on the Q-CTRL website here.

Diagram Showing How Q-CTRL Embedded is Fitted into a Quantum Cloud Computer’s Software Stack

May 24, 2023