Q-CTRL, a quantum startup focusing on quantum control software, has made their latest Fire Opal software available at no charge on IBM quantum devices. And additional quantum providers will also be supported soon. The software has been able to improve algorithm accuracy by over 1000 times by taking a user’s program and running it through an efficient front-end compiler followed by an error-suppressing back-end compiler which uses a two-stage process for reducing errors at the circuit level, and implementing a new algorithm to improve the readout of the quantum algorithm’s results. The software uses AI based algorithms to implement these steps automatically to make it easier for an end user. As a result of the greater than 1000 times improvement in accuracy, the company indicates this can enable running algorithms which are over 10 times more complex in terms of gate levels. It also can potentially reduce runtime costs by over 100 times because algorithms need only be run once instead of being run for multiple shots and enabling the use of smaller, lower cost systems to run the algorithm. Additional information about Q-CTRL’s free access to Fire Opal is available in a press release that can be seen here, a blog article about the software here, and a technical paper that describes some of their experimental benchmarking results here.

December 5, 2022