Q-CTRL’s Quantum Sensor Stack

A common concern for many government organizations is whether they can obtain an alternative system for military navigation in a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) denied environment. This could be due to an adversary jamming the GNSS signals, satellite failures, or other reasons. One solution that is being studied by several group is to develop extremely sensitive and accurate sensors based upon quantum technology.

Q-CTRL has entered into a multi-million dollar contract to develop such a sensor with the Australian Department of Defence. Q-CTRL, which created a Quantum Sensor division in 2022, has develop software defined quantum sensor technology that can sense minute changes in gravitational field and also acceleration. Since the earth’s gravitational field is not uniform, a magnetic sensor can help determine the location by comparing the current measured gravitational field with one that had been previously measured and recorded on a map. A key technology that Q-CTRL will be using is their advanced quantum control software which can remove noise from the signal and provide ruggedness so the accuracy won’t be affected when the device installed on moving platforms. Software control also provides flexibility so that the sensor can be changed quickly to measure different things with just a software change.

More information about Q-CTRL’s work in this area can be found in a news release here announcing their latest partnership with the Australian Department of Defence, a web page on the Q-CTRL site that provides information on their quantum sensor technology here, and a recently published technical paper describing how their robust control technology can enhance a device’s sensitivity in dynamic environments here.

July 11, 2023