The qBraid SDK can transpile quantum circuits between Qiskit, Cirq, Amazon Braket, PyQuil, PyTKET and OpenQASM, and submit a jos to any IBMQ backend or Amazon Braket supported device. This includes access to 15 QPU devices from IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, Rigetti, Xanadu, and IBM, as well as 8 on-demand simulators from AWS and IBM. For those who already have AWS and IBM Quantum credentials, they can use their own and submit jobs using them. For those who don’t have AWS or IBM credentials they can get an account with qBraid and submit jobs the qBraid’s Quantum Jobs facility with no additional access keys required. The ability to transpile programs between different platforms and try out a program on different backend devices provides a user with a good way to compare results and see which one can work best for their application. Additional information about the qBraid SDK is available in a LinkedIn announcement here, a user guide located here, a GitHub page containing demos here, and a GitHub page with the Python source code here.

May 26, 2023