Several quantum industry consortiums have been established in the past few years to help promote the advancement of quantum technology within their country or geographic reason. Four of them have been meeting together informally for over a year and have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish the International Council of Quantum Industry Associations to have a more formal structure. The consortiums include Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) in Canada, the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) in the U.S., the Quantum Strategic industry Alliance for Revolution (Q-STAR) in Japan, and the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) in Europe. Each of the consortiums has similar individual goals to develop supply chains, open markets, exchange talent, develop international standards, protect intellectual property, and enhance access to funding. And by working together to collaborate on various projects and improve communications between them they can help each other become even more effective in achieving their goals. A press release announcing their signing of the MOU is available here.

February 2, 2023