Chart Showing the Recent Progression of Quantinuum;s Ion Trap Prcoessors. Credit: Quantinuum

Quantinuum has announced that they have upgraded their H1-1 processor from 12 to 20 qubits. This new upgrade maintains the gate fidelities of the previous version but it increase the number of zones from 3 to 5, which will allow more parallel operations to occur simultaneously. The processor has been under beta test for the past month or so with JP Morgan Chase as a lead end user testing int out. JP Morgan Chase has just published a paper on arXiv titled Constrained Quantum Optimization for Extractive Summarization on a Trapped-ion Quantum Computer. The paper reports that this experiment used a circuit used all 20 qubits and had a total of 765 two-qubit gates with a maximum two-qubit gate depth of an impressive 159 levels. This H1-1 processor is now available to more users via Microsoft Azure and Quantinuum’s own cloud circuit. Quantinuum indicated that they will be upgrading their second machine, codenamed H1-2, to the same 20 qubit level later this year. Additional information about this upgrade is available in a press release posted on Quantinuum’s website here and also a product page for the processor here.

June 14, 2022