Quantum Dice is an Oxford University spinout developing a compact and continuously self-certifying quantum random number generator (QRNG) based upon a technology they call DISCTM that employs advanced silicon photonics technology to produce high-quality, certified randomness from an on-chip laser source. This technology is very high speed and was originally developed in Oxford’s world-leading Quantum Optics research group. The pre-seed fundraising consists of a £1 million venture capital investment led by Elaia Partners with additional participation from IP Group plc, and the UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) managed by Midven. An additional £1 million of non-dilutive grant funding came from the Quantum Investment Accelerator run by IP Group plc in partnership with Innovate UK, the United Kingdom’s innovation agency. Generating high quality, fully random numbers to use as encryption keys is very important for secure communication. Using a quantum based process can help guarantee this is the case due to the non-deterministic nature inherent in the laws of quantum mechanics. Additional information about this funding can be found in a news release available here.

October 14, 2021