A pair of product placement announcements have been recently announced. First Qblox announced that Chalmers University in Sweden has ordered their scalable and readout hardware for use with a new 20 qubit superconducting processor that Chalmers is developing. Qblox indicated that their solution was selected due to the product’s ability to surpass the requested technical requirements and its and scale up in the future. You can view Qblox announcement with additional details on their LinkedIn page here.

Also, Atos announced that it has delivered its Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) to the Galician Supercomputing Center (CESGA) in Spain. The machine is now operational and is the first quantum simulator that has been installed in Spain. The device will be used for European research projects that CESGA is currently working on in the areas of science and technology such as nanotechnology, new materials and industrial processes, health and life sciences and ocean sciences. Additional information about this product delivery can be found in a news release provided by Atos which you can see here.

October 3, 2021