Michel Kurek, a French finance professional with 25+ years of experience in the sector, has recently performed extensive research on quantum patents, publications & investments as part of his studies for an Executive Master at the École Polytechnique. He has published an extensive 52 page report titled Quantum Technologies Patents, Publications & Investments. It uses sources including Pitchbook, Crunchbase, the Quantum Computing Report, Orbit, Global Risk Institute, and others to provide detailed data bases in three important areas:

  1. Patent Landscape for Quantum Technologies
  2. Global Publications Related to Research in Quantum Computing for the Period 2010-2020
  3. Global Public and Private Investment Landscape

The report includes a considerable amount of data comparing the activities of different countries and it quite instructive to better understand their strategies to compete in this new technology area. The report is published by Le Lab Quantique, Paris-base Think Tank, in partnership with QuantX , the École Polytechnique alumni association dedicated to quantum technologies. It is available for download on the web site of Le Lab Quantique here.

September 17, 2020