QuEra had made its 256 qubit analog mode quantum processor called Aquila available through Amazon Braket last November. For many users that access method will be sufficient for the research and test cases they are looking to perform. However, for more demanding users, some customers may require a direct connection to the machine and premium support while others may want to have a machine installed on their premises for security or other reasons.

To service these customers, QuEra has introduce both a Premium Access model as well as an On-Premise access model. Besides direct access to the machines, customers using the Premium Access model will be able to receive personalized support, customized training, and collaborations with the customers to help accelerate the customers receiving benefits of the machine.

Customer who may want to go a step further can enter into a lease for an on-premise machine to provide them with full security and priority access. Customers who order a machine for a lease can expect a lead-time of 12-24 months before it is installed and operational at their facility, depending upon the exact configuration . However, these customers will be able to use the Premium Access model in the interim until their own machine is installed. Although common in the classical world, on-premise processors are not too common in quantum due to the challenges related to logistics including maintenance, spare parts, calibration, service technician availability, etc. However, as the technology matures, we may see this more and more in the future as the manufacturing continue to improve their machine’s reliability, availability, and serviceability.

QuEra press release announcing these additional access methods has been posted on their website here.

August 2, 2023