QuEverywhere is an end-to-end feature of the QuProtect software solution from QuSecure that is designed to provide quantum resilient connections without any user installations. It would be particularly handy for mobile or IOT installations where doing a software upgrade on all the devices in an enterprise could be particularly laborious. The solution utilizes PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography) algorithms which are compliant with NIST’s latest recommendations and the solution is also designed to be crypto-agile so that the algorithms can be upgraded in the future if better ones are needed. QuSecure indicated that Swiss based VeroWay, a company that delivers high-performance, blockchain powered core banking solutions, is a recent customer that currently services 15 million users and they will be leveraging QuSecure’ solutions to protect their communications of digital asset storage and transaction. Additional information about QuSecure’s announcement of QuEverywhere is available in a news release posted on their website here.

January 21, 2023