The companies established the RIKEN RQC-FUJITSU Collaboration Center in April 2021 to research quantum computers using superconducting technologies. They have a longer term goal of developing hardware and software within the next few years that will scale up to 1,000 qubits. Their more immediate goal is to provide a 64 qubit machine in the next Japanese fiscal year that starts in April 2023. Last year, IBM installed an IBM System One processor in Kawasaki City that is managed by the University of Tokyo as part of the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium (QIIC) to facilitate collaboration on quantum computing between industry, academia, and government in Japan. But that machine was designed at IBM’s Research Center in New York and shipped to Japan for installation. The Riken/Fujitsu machine is expected to be the first quantum processor designed and built within Japan. Additional information is available in an article posted on the Nikkei Asia website here and also a web page for the RIKEN RQC-FUJITSU Collaboration Center that can be found here.

August 24, 2022