Two companies working in the quantum cybersecurity area will be working together to promote each other’s products and leverage each other’s product and technical expertise. SandboxAQ, located in Mountain View, California, is the recent spinout from Alphabet that is an enterprise SaaS company focused on providing solutions that use AI and quantum technology. evolutionQ is a quantum cyber-security company located in Waterloo, Canada formed in 2015. SandboxAQ will be able to offer evolutionQ’s BasejumpQDN product, a software package that manages QKD networks and optimizes them for the best efficiency, stability and latency. In return, evolutionQ will have the ability to integrate and distribute SandboxAQ’s Security Suite to its customers. In addition, SandboxAQ has made an investment in evolutionQ’s Series A funding, as part of SandboxAQ’s newly announced Strategic Investment Program. Since SandboxAQ’s Security Suite is oriented around PQC and evolutionQ’s BasejumpQDN is oriented around QKD, it will allow customers to evaluate both technologies from a common source and determine which one (or both) would be the best fit for their organization. Additional information about this partnership is available in a news release provided by SandboxAQ that can be accessed here.

August 2, 2022