The SEEQC System Red is a full-stack superconducting based quantum processor with 5 algorithmically available qubits that the company developed in its laboratory in Naples, Italy. The SEEQC technology has a number of advantages including very fast two-qubit gate times of 39 nsec. with average gate fidelities of 98.4%. The current system is a first generation system that uses room temperature electronics that are connected via wire to the qubits inside the dilution refrigerator, similar to the current approach from other superconducting processor manufacturers. However, the company’s next generation system planned for release within 12 months will use SFQ (Single Flux Quantum) logic circuits for control. SFQ technology implements digital logic using Josephson Junction devices that make it extraordinary fast (up to 40 Ghz. operating speed), low power, improved performance, and compatible with the very cold temperatures that are inside the dilution refrigerator. The system is available to try now via both the cloud and private beta. Additional information about this new quantum computer in Italy can be seen in a press release provided by SEEQC here.

April 28, 2023