VeriQloud is a company based in Paris, France and founded in 2017 that develops several quantum communications solutions and received this funding from Quantonation and WinEquity, an investment firm that specializes in companies founded or co-founded by women entrepreneurs. VeriQloud has two announced products. The first one is called Qline which provide quantum cybersecurity at the local area level. Qline has been deployed since 2022 by Deutsche Telekom on the OpenQKD testbed network in Berlin. VeriQloud also provide HyQloud which provides hybrid classical-quantum solution for secure data storage​. Additional projects that they are engaging with using these products include France QCI (led by Orange), the Quantum Internet Alliance (led by TU Delft), or SecNISQ (led by INRIA). A news release announcing this investment is available on the Quantonation website here.

May 30, 2023