Zapata Computing has released a new survey of 300 executives at large global enterprises with estimated 2021 revenues of over USD $250 million and estimated computing budgets over $1M to ascertain their interest and plans for adopting quantum computing within their enterprise. The survey contains a large amount of data on this topic. Here are some of the highlights that we saw:

  • 74% agree that adopting QC is a necessity for not getting left behind; 69% have adopted or are planning to adopt QC; 29% have already adopted QC, 28% already have QC budgets of at least $1 Million.
  • A significant percentage of enterprises expect to achieve quantum advantage within the next two years with an average of 27% of enterprises in nine countries.
  • The U.S. has the highest percentage of enterprises already adopting QC at 36%, with Canada and China not far behind at 32% each, Germany at 29%, Australia at 28%, France and the UK at 27% each, Japan at 24%, and India at 16%.
  • The top five industries to adopt QC include Transportation/Mobility, Professional Services, Telecom & Media and Tech, Scientific & Technical Services, and Financial.
  • Key motivators for seeking to adopt QC include Better Performance & Business Results, Workforce Development, Insurance Against Disruption, First Mover Advantage, Concerns about Failing Behind Competitors, and Block IP
  • 96% of the enterprises indicated that they require the help of a trusted technology partners to adopt QC. Yet 73% were also worried about getting locked into working with a single full-stack provider
  • Complexity was cited as the biggest impediment to QC adoption by 49% of the respondents.

The Zapata survey is actually the fourth survey on adoption trends that we have seen in recent months. In October 2021, D-Wave described at their Qubits Conference a survey that had interviewed 415 respondents and found that 69% indicated they already had some internal quantum computing efforts underway and another 21% indicated they expected to start one in the next few years. Also, in October 2021, Classiq released a survey of 509 U.S. managers titled Quantum Computing: A View from the Trenches that found that 80% of them believe that quantum computing is a necessity in order to advance technology performance. And in November 2021, IQM and Atos released a survey of 110 HPC centers titled Untangling the HPC Innovation Dilemma Through Quantum Computing that indicated that 27% of HPC centers are already experimenting with quantum computing and 49% plan to adopt it by 2023.

Our sense is that general awareness of the potential of quantum computing is already quite high at the enterprise level. But there are still a lot of question amongst corporate leaders about where and how to start adopting this technology and who is best to help them do this. The technology is complex and there are a lot of different vendors out there providing many different messages on how someone should get started. So, it can get quite confusing.

For more about the survey results released by Zapata, you can read their news release summarizing the results here and read the full 42-page report that provides more detail and is posted here.

January 6, 2022