This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in Europe, Asia, or Australia.   For job opportunities in universities and government organizations you can view the lists posted on Quantiki here or the Yale Quantum Institute here or the USC Quantum Information Processing Jobs Listings here. This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order.  It includes positions where a specific job description is listed but does not include any listings for general applications or internships.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in MM/DD/YYYY format.

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Company Position Location Date Added
Alibaba Group Postdoc Bellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China 11/3/2018
Alibaba Group Quantum Scientist Bellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China 1/19/2018
Atos Quantum Machine Learning (F/H) en Stage Seclin, France 11/2/2019
Beit Physicist Kraków, Poland 4/13/2019
Beit Quantum Expert Kraków, Poland 4/13/2019
Cambridge Quantum Computing Embedded Software Engineer Chessington, England 1/4/2020
Cambridge Quantum Computing Research Scientist Cambridge, England 10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum Computing Software Developer Cambridge, England 10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum Computing Software Engineer (Quantum Chemistry) Cambridge, England 7/27/2019
Cambridge Quantum Computing Software Quality Assurance Specialist Cambridge, England 5/19/2019
Covestro PhD Quantum Computing for Computational Chemistry Leverkusen, Germany 11/26/2019
Delft Circuits Quantum Engineer Delft, The Netherlands 2/23/2019
D-Wave Patent Specialist Remote 1/18/2020
Fujitsu Technical Consultant Quantum Computing (m/w/d) Munich, Germany 10/19/2019
ID Quantique Electronical Technician Geneva, Switzerland 9/7/2019
ID Quantique Test Engineer Geneva Switzerland 9/21/2019
Informa Tech Senior Conference Producer London, England 11/2/2019
Inside Quantum Technology Senior Industry Analyst:  Quantum Technology Remote 1/18/2020
IQM IT Specialist Espoo, Finland 1/25/2020
IQM Quantum Engineer/Physicist Espoo, Finland 10/12/2019
IQM Senior Software Engineer/Lead Developer Espoo, Finland 1/25/2020
Microsoft Hardware Test Engineer Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
Microsoft Memory Systems Computer Architect Sydney, Australia 9/28/2019
Microsoft Nanofabrication Engineer Copenhagen, Netherlands 1/25/2020
Microsoft Nanofabrication Engineer Delft, Netherlands 1/25/2020
Microsoft Principal Characterization Manager Delft, Netherlands 10/19/2019
Microsoft Principal Fabrication Lead Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
Microsoft Quantum Engineer / Scientist Copenhagen, Denmark 12/7/2019
Microsoft Quantum Site Manager Copenhagen, Netherlands 1/25/2020
Microsoft Quantum Site Manager Delft, Netherlands 1/25/2020
Microsoft Quantum Site Manager Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
Microsoft Senior ASIC Hardware Engineer Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
Microsoft Senior FPGA Engineer Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
Microsoft Senior Nanofabrication Engineer Sydney, Australia 10/19/2019
Microsoft Superconducting Device Engineer Sydney, Australia 12/21/2019
NU Quantum Mathematician Cambridge, England 10/19/2019
Oxford Quantum Circuits Director of Quantum Engineering Oxford, UK 1/25/2020
Oxford Quantum Circuits Quantum Engineer Oxford, UK 1/25/2020
PhaseCraft Quantum Software Researchers Bristol or London, UK 1/25/2020
Q-CTRL Lead Front-End Software Engineer (JavaScript, React) Sydney, Australia 11/2/2019
Q-CTRL Scrum Master Sydney, Australia 12/7/2019
Q-CTRL Senior Back-End Software Engineer (Python/Django) Sydney, Australia 11/2/2019
Q-CTRL Senior Quantum Control Engineer Sydney, Australia 5/6/2018
Q-CTRL Senior Quantum Control Engineer – Quantum Sensing Sydney, Australia 1/25/2020
QuantFi Research Scientist Paris, London, Singapore, Toyko 9/21/2019
Rahko Quantum Machine Learning Scientist London, England 10/12/2019
Rahko Theoretical Computational Quantum Chemist London, England 10/12/2019
Riverlane Research Software Developer Cambridge, England 1/25/2020
Riverlane SoC Prototyping Engineer Cambridge, England 1/25/2020
Toshiba Development Engineer Cambridge, England 9/21/2019
Toshiba Industrial CASE PhD Studentship in Quantum Photonics Cambridge, England 9/21/2019
Zurich Instruments Application Scientist Quantum Computing China Shanghai, China 7/16/2019
Zurich Instruments Senior Software Engineer C++ Zurich, Switzerland 11/23/2019