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This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in Europe, Asia, or Australia.   For job opportunities in universities and government organizations you can view the lists posted on Quantiki here or the Yale Quantum Institute here or the USC Quantum Information Processing Jobs Listings here. This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order.  It includes positions where a specific job description is listed but does not include any listings for general applications or internships.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in MM/DD/YYYY format.

We welcome any notifications of additions or corrections to this list.   You can send them to

CompanyPositionLocationDate Added
AccentureQuantum Computing Engineer – DigitalAmsterdam, Netherlands7/21/2018
Alibaba GroupPostdocBellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China11/3/2018
Alibaba GroupQuantum ScientistBellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China1/19/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingCryptocurrency Research ScientistCambridge, London6/23/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingCryptographic AnalystLondon, England8/3/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingData EngineerLondon, England8/3/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingEmbedded Software EngineerLondon, England10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingGraduate Role – New GradsLondon, England8/3/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingMachine Learning ScientistLondon, England8/3/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingResearch ScientistCambridge, England10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingSenior Optical EngineerLondon, England10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingSoftware DeveloperCambridge, England10/27/2018
Cambridge Quantum ComputingSoftware Developer – Quant TradingLondon, England10/27/2018
ColdQuanta, Inc.Prototype EngineerUnited Kingdom11/3/2018
ID QuantiqueQuantum Safe Security – QRNA Partner ManagerGeneva, Switzerland12/8/2018
ID QuantiqueQuantum Safe Security Sales Engineer Seoul, Korea12/8/2018
ID QuantiqueSenior Project ManagerGeneva, Switzerland12/8/2018
Inside Quantum TechnologiesSenior Industry Analyst: Quantum Computing and Quantum EncryptionUSA, Canada, or Europe7/21/2018
JoS QuantumQuantum Algorithm Developer and Software DeveloperFrankfurt, Germany10/27/2018
MicrosoftASIC EngineerSydney, Australia9/22/2018
MicrosoftPrincipal ASIC EngineerSydney, Australia12/1/2018
MicrosoftSemiconductor Device Model EngineerSydney, Australia8/25/2018
MicrosoftSenior Program ManagerSydney, Australia12/8/2018
MicrosoftSenior Quantum Application ArchitectParis, France11/17/2018
Q-CtrlSenior Back-End EngineerSydney, Australia12/8/2018
Q-CtrlSenior Front-End EngineerSydney, Australia12/8/2018
Q-CtrlSenior Quantum Control EngineerSydney, Australia5/6/2018
QnamiApplication and Support ScientistBasel, Switzerland10/17/2018
Quantum FactoryQuantum Optics ScientistMunich, Germany6/3/2018
Quantum MachinesAlgorithm DeveloperTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesBoard DesignerTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesLogic Design EngineerTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesMachine Learning ExpertTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesQuantum PhysicistTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesRF System EngineerTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesSoftware EngineerTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
Quantum MachinesSystem EngineerTel Aviv, Israel12/1/2018
QxBranchSoftware EngineerAdelaide, Australia12/16/2017
Silicon Quantum ComputingAnalogue Quantum ProcessorSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingCavity DevelopmentSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingCircuit-QED with Single SpinsSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingCMOS InterfaceSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingExchange-Based Multi-Qubit GatesSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingExperiment. Scientist/Engin. (Solid State Quantum Devices)Sydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingFlip-Flop QubitsSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingFPGA and RF Electronics Technical EngineerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingIsotopically Enriched Epitaxial GrowthSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingMBE Expert for Atomic ElectronicsSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingMicrowave EngineerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingMulti-Qubit Device PhysicistSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingNanofabrication/Process DevelopmentSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingQuantum Computing Laboratory ManagerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingQubit Cavity CouplingSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingScanning Probe Scientist for Atomic ElectronicsSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingSilicon Device Modelling and Design EngineerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingSilicon Nanoelectronics Process Development EngineerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingSoftware Developer/FPGA ProgrammerSydney, Australia7/9/1905
Silicon Quantum ComputingSolid State Physicist (Theory and Modelling)Sydney, Australia7/9/1905
ToshibaEarly State Researchers In Quantum PhotonicsCambridge, United Kingdom1/7/2018
ToshibaResearcher in Quantum CommunicationsCambridge, United Kingdom12/22/2017

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