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This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in the U.S. or Canada.   For job opportunities in universities and government organizations you can view the lists posted on Quantiki here or the Yale Quantum Institute here or the USC Quantum Information Processing Jobs Listings here. This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order.  It includes positions where a specific job description is listed but does not include any listings for general applications or internships.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in MM/DD/YYYY format.

We welcome any notifications of additions or corrections to this list.   You can send them to

CompanyPositionLocationDate Added
1QbitAPI Technical WriterVancouver, Canada12/1/2018
1QbitBusiness Analyst, Quantum Computing DivisionVancouver, Canada12/8/2018
1QbitComputational PhysicistVancouver, Canada12/8/2018
1QbitSenior Full Stack DeveloperVancouver, Canada10/27/2018
1QbitSoftware Developer, DevOpsVancouver, Canada4/21/2018
1QbitSoftware Developer, Machine Learning InfrastructureVancouver, Canada9/8/2018
1QbitUX/UI Designer (Fixed Term – 6 months)Vancouver, Canada12/8/2018
AccentureResearch Associate PrincipalSan Fransisco, California12/8/2018
AccentureResearch Senior AnalystSan Fransisco, California12/8/2018
Alibaba GroupFront-End Software EngineerSeattle, Washington12/1/2018
Alibaba GroupPostdocBellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China11/3/2018
Alibaba GroupQuantum Lab – Software EngineerSeattle, Washington10/20/2018
Alibaba GroupQuantum ScientistBellevue, Washington or Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen China1/19/2018
Alibaba GroupQuantum Scientist, AlgorithmsSeattle, Washington11/10/2018
Alibaba GroupSolution Software EngineerSeattle, Washington12/1/2018
Amazon Web ServicesPrincipal Product Manager – TechnicalSeattle, Washington6/15/2018
AnyonExperimental PhysicistMontreal, Canada12/14/2017
AnyonFPGA DesignerMontreal, Canada12/8/2018
AnyonRF Design EngineerMontreal, Canada12/8/2018
AnyonSenior C++ Software DeveloperMontreal, Canada12/8/2018
AnyonSoftware Developer: 3D GraphicsMontreal, Canada12/14/2017
Atom ComputingOptical EngineerBerkeley, California7/7/2018
Atom ComputingQuantum EngineerBerkeley, California7/7/2018
Atom ComputingSoftware EngineerBerkeley, California7/7/2018
BleximoExperimental Physicist (Quantum Computing)Berkeley, California9/29/2018
BleximoRF/Microwave EngineerBerkeley, California9/29/2018
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum ScientistAnnapolis Junction, Maryland8/3/2018
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum ScientistRome, New York6/16/2018
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum Scientist, LeadRome, New York9/29/2018
Daimler/Mercedes BenzSenior Computational Chemist/Material ScientistSunnyvale, California8/25/2018
D-WaveElectronics Test TechnicianBurnaby, Canada11/10/2018
D-WaveQA EngineerBurnaby, Canada12/8/2018
D-WaveSenior Manager – Information Technology, Business Systems & InfrastructureBurnaby, Canada11/10/2018
D-WaveSenior Software DeveloperSeattle, Washington10/14/2018
D-WaveTechnical Suppoirt Engineer – Cloud & Field SystemsBurnaby, Canada12/8/2018
D-WaveUNIX Systems AdministratorBurnaby, Canada12/8/2018
Ford Motor Co.Quantum Algorithm ResearcherDearborn, Michigan12/6/2018
Ford Motor Co.Software Engineer – Advanced Compute ResearchPalo Alto, California10/20/2018
GoogleSystem Administration, Quantum HardwareSanta Barbara. California8/3/2018
HoneywellAtomic PhysicistBroomfield, Colorado12/8/2018
HoneywellCloud Software Developer PrincipalBroomfield, Colorado12/8/2018
HoneywellConfiguration Management SpecialistBroomfield, Colorado12/8/2018
HoneywellFPGA EngineerBroomfield, Colorado10/7/2018
HoneywellLead Systems EngineerBroomfield, Colorado11/3/2018
HoneywellOptical Engineer/ScientistBroomfield, Colorado12/8/2018
HoneywellPrincipal Optical Engineer/ScientistBroomfield, Colorado11/17/2018
HoneywellPrincipal Quantum Information TheoristBroomfield, Colorado8/3/2018
HoneywellPrincipal Systems EngineerBroomfield, Colorado12/1/2018
HoneywellSenior Cloud DeveloperBroomfield, Colorado12/8/2018
HoneywellSenior Theoretical Quantum Information ScientistBroomfield, Colorado8/3/2018
HoneywellSr. Optical EngineerBroomfield, Colorado11/3/2018
HoneywellSr. Opto-Mechanical EngineerBroomfield, Colorado12/1/2018
HoneywellSr. Software EngineerBroomfield, Colorado11/3/2018
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV  – Applied Quantum Device ScientistMalibu, California4/28/2018
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV – Theoretical Quantum InformationMalibu, California8/25/2018
IBMIndustry Quantum ConsultantMultiple Cities, USA5/6/2018
IBMMicrowave Design EngineerYorktown Heights, New York2/25/2018
IBMOpen Software Developer for Quantum SystemsYorktown Heights, New York11/17/2018
IBMPostdoc Researcher – Quantum ComputingYorktown Heights, New York12/1/2018
IBMPostdoctoral ResearcherMultiple Locations11/3/2018
IBMQuantum Computing Applications ResearcherYorktown Heights, New York10/27/2018
IBMQuantum Computing Community AdvocateYorktown Heights, New York8/25/2018
IBMQuantum Computing Designer (UX/Animation)Austin, Texas & Yorktown Heights, NY9/8/2018
IBMQuantum Computing Technology WriterYorktown Heights, NY9/15/2018
IBMQuantum Information Scientist (Research Staff Member)Yorktown Heights, New York5/19/2018
IBMQuantum Open Software DeveloperYorktown Heights, New York8/19/2018
IBMResearch Software EngineerSan Jose, California12/8/2018
IBMResearch Staff Member – Computational ScienceSan Jose, California10/27/2018
IBMResearch Staff Member – Quantum ExperimentsYorktown Heights, New York9/29/2018
IBMSoftware EngineerSan Francisco, California11/3/2018
IBMSoftware EngineerYorktown Heights, New York6/30/2018
Inside Quantum TechnologiesSenior Industry Analyst: Quantum Computing and Quantum EncryptionUSA, Canada, or Europe7/21/2018
IntelQuantum Hardware Engineer (College Grad)Hillsboro, Oregon6/8/2018
IonQFull Stack Software EngineerCollege Park, Maryland12/15/2017
IonQPhysicistCollege Park, Maryland12/8/2018
IonQSenior FPGA EngineerCollege Park, Maryland10/14/2018
JP Morgan ChaseQuantum Computing ScientistNew York, New York8/3/2018
Lockheed MartinAnalytics Research ScientistPalo Alto, California12/8/2018
Lockheed MartinResearch Scientist, Quantum Computing ApplicationsEl Segundo, California10/20/2018
Lockheed MartinSenior Analytics Research ScientistPalo Alto, California12/8/2018
Lockheed MartinSoftware EngineerOrlando, Florida10/27/2018
MicrosoftCircuit Design EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftCircuit Design Methodology EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftDesigh for Test (DFT) EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftDesign Verification EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftDevOps DeveloperRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftLogic Design EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftMask Layout Design EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftPerformance ModelingRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftPhysical Design EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina12/8/2018
MicrosoftPrincipal Mechanical Engineering ManagerRedmond, Washington9/29/2018
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Development EngineerRaleigh, North Carolina10/27/2018
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Development EngineerRedmond, Washington8/25/2018
MicrosoftPrincipal Systems Engineering ManagerRedmond, Washington10/20/2018
MicrosoftQuantum ArchitectRaleigh, North Carolina7/7/2018
MicrosoftQuantum ResearcherIndianapolis, Indiana12/8/2018
MicrosoftSoftware Development EngineerRedmond, Washington6/8/2018
MicrosoftSr. Business Development Manager – BD.NEXTRedmond, Washington6/30/2018
MicrosoftSr. Design Verification EngineerRedmond, Washington10/20/2018
MicrosoftSr. Mechanical EngineerRedmond, Washington9/2/2018
MicrosoftSr. Process Integration EngineerRedmond, Washington9/29/2018
MicrosoftTest Engineering ManagerRedmond, Washington10/27/2018
Northrup GrummanPhysicist Quantum Device Theorist (level 3/4)Baltimore, Maryland11/10/2018
Northup GrummanPhysicist (level 3/4) Super Classical Quantum AnnealingBurlington, Massachusettes9/15/2018
Northup GrummanPhysicist 3/4Linthicum, Maryland9/8/2018
Northup GrummanPhysicist 5Linthicum, Maryland6/23/2018
QC WareQuantum Algorithms ResearcherPalo Alto, California7/9/1905
QC WareSoftware EngineerPalo Alto, California9/8/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.Fabrication EngineerNew Haven, Connecticut6/23/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.Lab ManagerNew Haven, Connecticut6/23/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.Mechanical EngineerNew Haven, Connecticut9/8/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.Quantum Software EngineerNew Haven, Connecticut6/23/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.Research AssociateNew Haven, Connecticut6/23/2018
Quantum Circuits, Inc.RF/Microwave EngineerNew Haven, Connecticut6/23/2018
QxBranchAccount Manager – Financial Services and BankingWashington, D.C.12/8/2018
QxBranchData ScientistWashington, D.C10/27/2018
QxBranchMarketing Coordinator – Part TimeWashington, D.C.11/17/2018
QxBranchSales Executive – AnalyticsWashington, D.C.12/8/2018
QxBranchSales Executive, Quantum Computing SolutionsWashington, D.C. 12/1/2018
RigettiControllerBerkeley, California9/22/2018
RigettiElectron Beam Lithography Engineer – FabricationFremont, California6/30/2018
RigettiHR CoordinatorBerkeley, California12/8/2018
RigettiInfrastructure EngineerBerkeley, California8/3/2018
RigettiJunior Process Engineer (Lithography)Fremont, California9/29/2018
RigettiSenior Integration EngineerFremont, California10/14/2018
RigettiSenior Software EngineerBerkeley, California9/8/2018
RigettiSystems Engineer – Technical OperationsBerkeley, California10/27/2018
SAICDoctorate Quantum ResearcherCollege Park, Maryland1/2/2018
SAICQuantum Research Program ManagerCollege Park, Maryland6/8/2018
Tencent AmericaSenior Researcher Quantum ComputingPalo Alto, California11/10/2018
ZapataPostdoc Fellowship ProgramCambridge, Massachusetts12/8/2018
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Would it be possible to add a feature to sort these listings by date? Thank you.

    @ 3:14 pm

    Unfortunately, it would not be possible to do this on the web site. However, you can very quickly generate your own view of this list by date by copying the data and then pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet and using the built-in Sort function to reorder it.

    Doug Finke
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