qBraid is a Hanover, New Hampshire based quantum software startup and a graduate of the first cohort of Chicago’s Duality Quantum Accelerator. They provide a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform called qBraid Lab for accessing quantum software and hardware from multiple vendors including Amazon Braket, IBM Qiskit, Xanadu Pennylane, Google Cirq, and Rigetti pyQuil. qBraid Lab provides a simple cloud environment to write quantum code, compatible across all quantum hardware, and interoperable with all quantum algorithm development tools without requiring additional software setups on your own computer. And now they have added support for the Pulser SDK from PASQAL. Pulser is an open-source software package used for programming neutral-atom devices at the pulse level. The Pasqal processor is the first neutral atom machine supported by qBraid and the Pulser software can provide quantum control for both in the digital and analog modes available in the Pasqal processor. For more on their support for Pasqal, you can view a press release posted the qBraid website here.

June 8, 2022