Andrew White from the quantum technology laboratory at the University of Queensland, Australia, maintains an excellent web page listing conferences related to quantum technology around the world.   You can find his most recent listing for 2019 conferences here.

In addition to the conferences shown on the list mentioned above, here are some additional conferences:

IBM will be sponsoring three International Qiskit Camps later this year.  These are follow-ons to the first Qiskit Camp in the U.S. that IBM held in New York and Vermont earlier this year.  The three events are Qiskit Camp Europe which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland on September 12-15, 2019, Qiskit Camp Asia which will held in Tokyo, Japan on November 19-22, 2019 and Qiskit Camp Africa to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa December 11-14, 2019. The camps will consist of a hackathon where attendees will use Qiskit to work on various projects and then present their projects to the other attendees. Registration to the Qiskit Camps is by invitation only but is expected to include developers, physicists, educators, researchers, and students   For more details you can view IBMs announcement on here.

Xanadu will be hosting a Quantum Machine Learning Hackathon in Toronto, Canada on November 25-27, 2019. As part of the hackathon, participants will be able to run programs on quantum computers from IBM, Rigetti, and Xanadu.  Guest speakers will also be providing talks on various quantum computing related topics.

The MIT Technology Review will be holding a Future Compute event in Cambridge, Massachusetts on December 2-3, 2019. It will offer a glimpse into the opportunities unveiled by emerging computing technology such as AI, Quantum Computing, 5G Connectivity, Cybersecurity, IOT and more.  The second day of the event will be devoted exclusively to quantum computing. The organizers are offering Quantum Computing Report readers a 10% discount on the registration fee.  Use promo code QCREPORT10 when registering to obtain this discount.

Alphabet X and Quantum Thought will host an event on Quantum Supremacy, Now What? With Jack Hidary of Alphabet X in the evening of December 4, 2019 in San Francisco. Topics to be discussed include enterprise strategies around quantum computing applications and quantum resilient cybersecurity. Additionally, Jack will discuss his new industry defining book, Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach which integrates the foundations of quantum computing with a hands-on coding approach to this emerging field.

The Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP) 2019 conference will be held in Oxford, U.K. on December 5-6, 2019. The purpose of the conference is to establish a dialogue centered around compositional natural language processing (NLP) and applications on quantum hardware. The conference seeks to have participants from both the academic and the private sector working in the tangent fields of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as linguistics, come together and coordinate to build an active community on the novel and timely field of QNLP.

The third annual Q2B ’19 Conference on Practical Quantum Computing will be held on December 10-12, 2019 in San Jose, California. The conference will bring together hardware & software vendors, government agencies and industry players.  It will provide the opportunity to hear the latest announcements, explore partnership opportunities, and learn how quantum computing will impact business. Quantum Computer Report readers can get a 25% discount off the commercial/enterprise registration fee when they use promo code Q2B-QCREPORT-25 when registering by November 15th. A special hotel rate at the Fairmont San Jose is also available.

The 23rd Annual Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2020) will be held in Shenzhen, China on January 6-10, 2020. The Quantum Information Processing (QIP) series is the premier meeting for theoretical quantum information research. Since 1998, the conference has featured breakthroughs by the leaders in the disciplines of computing, cryptography, information theory, mathematics and physics. The scientific objective of the series is to gather the theoretical quantum information community to present and discuss the latest groundbreaking work in the field

Utimaco will be hosting an Applied Crypto Symposium in Santa Clara, California on January 16, 2019. The event will cover the threats and challenges associated with quantum cryptography and the implementation of crypto agility and also provide information on available quantum-safe solutions in payments, automotive, and blockchain applications from the industry experts.  Also discussed will be news about the latest implementation of the new algorithms, the Utimaco Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for quantum-safe algorithm implementation, and the challenges that come with implementing a PQC roadmap.

The First International Workshop on Programming Languages and Quantum Computing (PLaQC 2020) will occur on January 19, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana in conjunction with the 47th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2020) conference. The workshop aims to bring together researchers from the fields of programming languages and quantum information sciences, exposing the programming languages community to the unique challenges of programming quantum computers. It will promote the development of tools to assist in the process of programming quantum computers, both those that exist today and those likely to exist in the near to far future.

A Careers in Quantum (CiQ) event will be held in Bristol, U.K. on February 6-7, 2020. This is a two-day event bridging the gap between skilled students in STEM disciplines and the booming quantum technology industry. With a combination of talks and panel discussion from industrial and academic experts and active networking attendees will find out what an engaging scientific career, both inside and outside academia, might look like. Casual networking sessions will give attendees an opportunity to connect to the industry leaders there and investigate career opportunities further.

Inside Quantum Technology – New York, The Future of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Sensors will be held in New York City on April 2-3, 2020. This event is a follow-on to the 2019 events held by IQT in Boston and Europe in 2019. This event is intended for business people and professionals in the quantum technology field who want to keep track of all relevant information to make strategic choices. It will provide comprehensive insights into the commercial future of all areas of quantum technology, presenting both opportunities available today and future applications for businesses and government. New York is the center of the financial world and this means enhanced attention to the conference from both investors and media outlets.

The Quantum.Tech London conference will be held in London, U.K. on April 20-22, 2020. The conference will help attendees understand the entire landscape and ecosystem of quantum technologies, and how they fit together.  Questions that will be addressed in the conference include: What are relevant applications for enterprise use, and how developed are they? How coordinated is the approach between industry, academia and government, not just within national borders, but between nations? How developed is the broader supply chain if commercialization is to be accelerated? Are standards in place to allow replicable processes? What methods are there to benchmark, share best practices and learn from disparate industries?

The IEEE Quantum Week, also known as the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE) will be held in Broomfield, Colorado on October 12-16, 2020. This conference aims to bring together quantum professionals, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, champions and enthusiasts to exchange and share their experiences, challenges, research results, innovations, applications, pathways and enthusiasm on all aspects of quantum computing, engineering and technologies.

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a workshop on Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing is announced on the 18th of December.

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    Thank you for letting us know about this workshop. We have added it to this list.

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are well-established conferences in the area

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    Thank-you for your comment. We have added QCrypt 2019 to this listing. The QIP 2019 conference occurred in January and we had previously removed it from this page. QIP 2020 will be held in Shenzhen, China in January 2020 but it doesn’t have a web site yet. When the web site with details on the conference is available we will add the conference to this page.

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You may find this workshop on quantum programming languages interesting:

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    Thank you for letting us know. We have added this workshop on quantum programming languages (PLaQC 2020) to our list of conferences.

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