The investors in this round include Honeywell Ventures, IBM Ventures, JSR Corporation, Serendipity Capital, Alvarium Investments and Talipot Holdings. The funds will be used to further accelerate commercialization of CQC’s quantum computing software and applications. Serendipity Capital had announced last July it had funded CQC for an undisclosed amount and it is not clear if that has been included in the $45 million or was a separate investment of an earlier round. Similarly, IBM had also invested in CQC in February for an undisclosed amount. CQC is a leading quantum software company with over 130 professionals in the UK, US, and Japan providing the t|ket> quantum development platform, quantum random number (QRNG) products, and applications solutions in the areas of quantum chemistry with their EUMEN package and quantum machine learning (QML). For more information on this announcement you can view the news release on the CQC website here.

December 9, 2020