We wrote last September about Dell’s first step in quantum computing to test a solution that integrates their Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd with IBM Qiskit quantum emulator. They have now taken a second step to test how their server can be integrated with both IonQ’s quantum simulator (also called a vQPU or virtual Quantum Processing Unit) as well as IonQ’s real ion trap quantum computer. Although the title of their blog post mentions the term “on-premise” this is only true when using a configuration that uses the vGPU. When interfacing with a IonQ’s real QPU in Maryland, that machine will still be remote. However, that may still provide some performance advantage because this Dell solution allows one to bypass IonQ’s normal job-queues and directly submit one’s program to IonQ’s remote QPU for execution. We should mention that IonQ’s roadmap calls for development of a rackmount version of their machine in 2023 and this would make it more amenable to develop a full on-premise installation. Perhaps another factor that Dell considered when deciding to partner with IonQ is the fact that IBM sells its own classical servers that compete with the PowerEdge R740xd, while IonQ does not. For more on Dell’s announcement that it is partnership with IonQ, you can view a blog post on the Dell Technology website that you can view here.

November 24, 2021