The software product from evolutionQ is called BasejumpQDN and is designed to help users overcome the limitations of QKD networks. Chief among these is the distance limitation inherent in fiber optic cables due to signal loss. While classical optical communications networks can solve this by installing classical repeaters every few hundred kilometers, the No Cloning theorem for quantum qubits prevents one from copying qubits so creating these types of repeaters is more difficult. BasejumpQDN solves this problem by allowing a user to create a Trusted Node between quantum links that will allow a network to expand beyond the distance limitations. BasejumpQDN will also allow a user to set up a demonstration or simulated QKD network even without actual QKD devices to allow organizations to experiment with this technology and develop business cases before installing a full network. For more on BasejumpQDN, you can view a news release from evolutionQ that announces the product here and you can also view a webpage on the evolutionQ website that provides additional detail on the product here.

May 8, 2021