In one of the very first releases of financial results in the quantum industry, IonQ has released their results for the three month period ending in June and for the first half of 2021. While these types of releases are very common in the classical computing industry, they have been very rare in the quantum industry because almost all the quantum efforts are either privately held companies or a small division in a larger corporation that doesn’t break out the specific quantum results. IonQ is doing this now because they are slated to become a public corporation in the next few weeks due to their upcoming merger with dMY Technology Group Inc. III (NYSE: DMYI).

Revenue was $93 thousand for the three month period ending in June and $218 thousand for the first six months of the year. Net loss was $9.9 million for the three month period ending in June and $17.4 million for the first six month. R&D expenditures for the three month period ending in June was $5.4 million and $9.1 million in June. The statement show a significant ramp up in R&D spending both between the first and second quarters of 2021 and versus the equivalent periods in 2020. In the release, IonQ also highlighted advancements they’ve made in the past few months in their technology, software support, cloud access, partnerships, client acquisitions and bookings. For more, you can read IonQ’s full financial results release here as well as a September 2021 investor update presentation posted on the SEC website and located here.

September 22, 2021