IQM, a superconducting quantum processor startup headquartered in Espoo, Finland, has opened a dedicated fabrication facility in Espoo, Finland. The size of this Class 100 facility is 560 square meters (about 4000 square feet) and will cost about € 20 million ($22.9M USD). The pilot line at this facility is being installed with the first full production run scheduled for the first half of 2022 with additional production capacity later in 2022. The company has received €71 million in funding to date and has also received a contract from VTT in Finland to build the country’s first commercial 54 qubit quantum processor. They are also implementing a unique strategy of creating application specific quantum processor that would be optimized for specific types of algorithms with help from their offices in Spain and Germany. Additional information about IQM’s announcement of the facility opening can be viewed in a press release available here and a video of the opening ceremony which can be seen here.

November 12, 2021