Quantum Value: A new hope

There has been a lot of discussion about Quantum Advantage to demonstrate uses of quantum computers that solve practical problems which cannot be solved at all using classical computers. There has also been a lot of discussion on hybrid classical/quantum algorithms for NISQ machines where portions of an algorithm run on a classical machine while other portions run on a quantum machine with a deep interaction between the two.

Lucas Siow of ProteinQure has proposed another way that quantum computers could provide a commercial benefit that he calls Quantum Value. This is an approach of providing a solution to a valuable problem by starting with a solution developed in a classical algorithm and augmenting it with a solution calculated by a quantum computer. Even if the quantum solution on its own is not as good as the classical solution, by combining the two together one can create an ensemble solution that is better than any classical algorithm alone.

For more details, we recommend that you can read his paper posted on Medium.com here.

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