As the quantum hardware developers continue to scale up the number of qubits, they will need larger and more powerful dilution refrigerators to hold larger chips and keep them at colder temperatures. Although we often focus on innovations at the quantum chip level, innovations by the supporting component suppliers are also important for advancement of the quantum industry. To support this, Oxford Instruments has introduced a larger fridge they call the ProteoxLX. Key features of this new system is a large sample size diameter of 530 mm versus the 360 mm available in the previous ProteoxMX product. It also has twice the cooling power with two pulse tube refrigerators (PTR) and a capability to achieve a cooling power of greater than 25 microwatts compared to 12 microwatts of the previous product at a temperature of 20 millikelvin. The new system also can provide for two secondary inserts versus the single insert available in the previous product for fast exchange and installation of experimental setups.

Pictures of ProteoxMX versus ProteoxLX, Credit: Oxford Instruments

For more about Oxford Instrument’s announcement, you can view a news release posted on their web site here and a web page for the ProteoxLX that provides technical details here.

March 25, 2021