With a goal of creating a strong quantum ecosystem in the Paris, France region three organizations, the Paris Region Council, Le Lab Quantique, and GENCI have created the Pack Quantique (PAQ) program to fund quantum projects.  They have started with three projects and an initial funding amount of 1.5 million Euros ($1.8M USD) over three years.  The three selected projects include:

  • AQUARE will team Pasqal (neutral atoms based quantum computing) with giant utility EDF to investigate smart mobility and optimization of charging of shared e-vehicles fleet
  • AQCMED will team Qubit Pharmaceuticals with Pasqal to explore drug discovery and accelerated computational drug design workflows in hybrid HPC / QC architectures
  • AQMuSE will team the French branch of US based QCWare with energy company Total to address generalized pooling problems in logistics

For more on this program, you can view the news release located on the GENCI web site here.

November 26, 2020