Munich based planqc is a spinout from the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich that is developing a room temperature quantum computer based on neutral atoms trapped in optical lattices. The financing round was led by UVC Partners and Speedinvest. The company is the first startup to emerge from the Munich Quantum Valley. They are joining other startups developing room temperature quantum computers based upon neutral atoms controlled by lasers including ColdQuanta, Atom Computing, Pasqal, and QuEra. The company has indicated that they have already routinely trapped and controlled more than 2000 atoms in their optical lattice simulators at the Max-Planck-Institute. For more information, you can view a press release available here and also a technical paper about their neutral atom technology authored by one of the company’s founders and posted on arXiv here.

June 29, 2022