Cryptosense is a company headquartered in Paris, France in 2013 that has a leading platform for cryptography lifecycle management. It provides an automated means for organizations to get full visibility into their cryptography during development and cryptography assets in production. It also helps IT organizations to resolve compliance issues and resolve vulnerabilities. SandboxAQ has acquired the company for an undisclosed amount as part of their Strategic Investment Program. The Cryptosense technology will complement SandboxAQ’s own Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) solutions and allow the combined team to deploy solutions at a faster pace and an expanded customer base. This is the second deal resulting from SandboxAQ’s Strategic Investment program. In August, the company announced its participation in a Series A investment round with evolutionQ, another quantum cybersecurity firm based in Waterloo, Canada. You can access SandboxAQ’s news release announcing the acquisition of Cryptosense here.

September 14, 2022