Diagram that Shows How Qiskit Runtime Can Reduce Program Runtimes by Minimizing Queue Delays, Credit: IBM

IBM’s Qiskit Runtime is a containerized service for quantum computers that significantly reduces latencies for running quantum programs, particularly for hybrid algorithms such as VQE and QAOA where data flows back and forth between a quantum computing and a classical computer many times. IBM first announced this capability in February of this year and described how this capability reduced the simulation time of a Lithium Hydride molecule from an original estimate of 45 days to about 9 hours, an improvement of 120 times. In May, IBM announced that have made this capability available in a private beta to selected members of the IBM Quantum Network.

Now, this capability is being more made more widely available in an arrangement with Strangeworks which will become the first IBM partner to offer early preview access to Qiskit Runtime for a much larger user base through the Strangeworks ecosystem and Strangeworks’ family of products including both the Strangeworks QC™ community platform as well as the Strangeworks EQ™ enterprise platform. In addition, IBM is providing a dedicated 7-qubit quantum computer for users to work with this new technology. The Qiskit Runtime capability has been integrated into Strangeworks’ platform and is available in a pre-configured execution environment available via quantumcomputing.com. Strangeworks is also provide several example programs to show how this capability can be used including a Circuit Runner Program, a Quantum Kernel Alignment Program and a VQE Program. For additional details, you can view Strangeworks’ news release available on their website here.

July 9, 2021