UIC will join 24 other partner institutions participating in C2QA and will represent the sixth minority serving institution. UIC, located in the heart of Chicago serves a substantial minority population and is also the city’s only public research university. They recently hired Thomas Searles, UIC associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the College of Engineering, to increase the university’s capability for teaching and researching quantum technology. Professor Searles’ lab is currently applying machine learning methods towards error mitigation in Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices.  He also has recently been studying quantum state tomography on the IBM machines and other platforms and looks forward to increasing opportunities in his lab. C2QA, led by the Brookhaven National Laboratory, is one of five U.S. Department of Energy-funded centers that are focused on the advancement of quantum information science and technology. C2QA has a particular mission of research ways to accelerate the achievement of quantum advantage, the ability to solve real-world problems beyond what is capable by a classical computing. For more on UIC’s and C2QA’s quantum activities, you can view press releases announcing this development from UIC here and another one from Brookhaven Lab’s Quantum Center here.

June 12, 2022